Management Setup


Dr. Mina Moein-Silva has finished a finance program in Asian Institute of Management and recently the Chief Executive Officer of the ZKO Group Distribution Inc. She also acts as the Chief Financial Officer of the other Silva Group of Companies such as Complete Logistic Control Inc., which is into trucking; the Philfast Global Forwarding Inc that deals with forwarding; the SafeSat (Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corp.) and Total Softtech Solutions Inc. which are into creation of high-tech software that are most beneficial in all types of businesses. And recently, through her leadership, ZKO Group acquired majority shares of Consumer Link Inc. The latter has existed in the market for almost two (2) decades now and had proven its quality distribution services. The basic function of the company is to source, market and distribute consumer goods from both the domestic and one of its strategic plans is to distribute in overseas markets.

Dr. Mina Moein-Silva never rested on her success and just recently, she have made another mark of success by expanding ZKO Group Distribution Inc. in supply chain division that offers forklift rental operation and warehousing. In this division, it has the major client which is Holcim Philippines Inc. In this expansion, she had this kind of rationale and as quoted: “ZKO Group Distributors, Inc. is perfecting its main objective to be the“Ultimate Working Arms” of our customers, by adhering to exceptional customer satisfaction. We are passionate to add value, to make difference and to connect people, improving their lives”.


He is an entrepreneur by heart. He wants to make an exceptional impact to the community. In 1999, at the age of 24, he became a Manager of an International Company and at 25; he was promoted to Senior Manager.

In 2005, he started his own Logistic Company from two vehicles and 5 employees. Currently, it has more than hundred plus employees and is currently the number one Ro-Ro Service provider from Luzon to Panay and NCR.

He graduated his executive MBA modular course program at the Central Philippine University in consortium with the ABS-CBN Bayan Academy for Entrepreneurship and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2010, and he started his Masters of Entrepreneurship in the U.S. He set up his logistics automated system which eventually opened its door to a new business of Software Company, and from software company, he developed a GPS tracking and Asset Management Company.

Currently, He is the Chief Executive Officer of Complete Logistic Control Inc.,Philfast Global Forwarding Inc., SafeSat (Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corp.) and Total Softtech Solutions Inc.





He is the over-all In-charge of the management of finances, taxes and corporate matters as well as setting-up Company’s effective accounting system, procedures and policies.He is a graduate of BS Accountancy at University of the Philippines Visayas and now a Certified Public Accountant. He is currently taking up his Master’s Degree in Business Management also in UPV. F&E Food and Beverage Division, AC Distributors Inc., and SyCip, Gorres, Velayo& Co. are the companies where he also applied his auditing skills.



A Certified Public Accountant, Lea documents financial transactions and provides financial information to management by analyzing accounting data and preparing reports. She substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents and maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping financial information confidential. She is responsible for compliance to government financial legal requirements. She prepares, examines, and analyzes accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards. She analyzes business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Central Philippine University and she has 17 years intensive knowledge in auditing, financial management, and preparation of financial statements.




Our Human Resource Department is headed by Catherine Deseo. She graduated CUM LAUDE in University of Iloilo-Phinma, with a Bachelors Degree of Business Administration (Financial Management). She takes charge of the over-all Human Resource Development Department. She is responsible of the following:

  • Responsible for creating strategic planning regarding employees career path and long term development including job security
  • Create and develop workflow and department’s standard procedure for efficiency of daily functions
  • Strategize to eliminate redundancy and promote efficiency of all man power resources
  • Oversee the hiring, promotion, and dismissal process that are taking place within the group of companies
  • Oversee evaluation process to all employees except Managerial level employees
  • Train and assist subordinates to handle day to day job assignments
  • Mediate in-between parties having conflict related to work and personal issues
  • Participate with the management on planning and building programs towards overall business development.
  • Execute policies mandated by the management.

This department includes Human Resource officers and staffs.


The Operation Department is composed of Supply Chain, Distribution, Concrete, and Property Management Division. The following are the general functions of this Department:

  • The Heads take charge of the overall Operations Team;
  • The Heads Represent the Company on clients meeting and other designated transactions;
  • Create memo and policies which serves as guidelines in the daily functions of the team;
  • Strategize to improve customer service and client satisfaction;
  • Provide assistance to subordinates in handling their day to day functions;
  • Responsible for cascading management’s mandate to all personnel

This department includes Operations Assistants. They are committed to serve our clients beyond miles, anytime and anywhere.




Our Sales Department is headed by Daisy T. Palma. She is pursuing Master in Business Administration at University of San Agustin. She has long and expert experience in sales and marketing and this is a great leap forward for this department to function efficiently and effectively. Under this department are   her sales and marketing staffs who are assigned in various areas in the Philippines.


The marketing department has overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to company growth and profitability. This includes Business Analysts responsible for the over-all marketing and business development.




Our Preventive Maintenance System Department is headed by its Manager, Mr. Alex Agreda who had decades of mechanical experience in one of the biggest car industry


This department is founded to cater general concerns and it is tasked for general office management. This includes Asset Management that is mainly in charge with company’s intangible assets such as patents and trademark. This team includes Asset Monitoring Staffs, Personnel Utilities, Messenger and Administrative Assistants.


We have our External Audit Department, functions as check and balance for all departments.

We have Third Party advisers and Auditors for Finance and Accounting, Corporate Legal Concerns and Strategic Aspects of our business. These Advisers and Auditors are known to be an expert in their specific fields, locally and internationally.