Distribution And Supply Chain

Our main objective is to truly understand your business and logistics needs. This way, we can provide you with service solutions that will help grow your business without boundaries.Our extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, combined with best-in-class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost- efficient distribution solutions, enable you to fulfill your commitments to your customers, anywhere in the Philippines.

Highly preferred for our PRIMAX brand, durable and strong lasting, which offers premier and maximum level in quality, value and design, then, conceive the ZKO Group Distributors, Inc.


ZKO Group Distributors, Inc. was part of another organization way back 2004 and was officially organized in September 2013. We serve as the only Distributor of Primax Pavings and Cement Tiles local and national. Our products are manufactured by our sister company.

Our sister company was organized in 1988 in Capiz, and until now is engaged in complete line of construction materials. This company started to manufacture our very own unique and intriguing designs of cement tiles in 1992 for outdoor use like parking lots, driveways, walkways, patio, commercial outdoor space, residential garage, subdivision entrances, parks, hallways etc. It started with few designs and now currently has various and unique designs to choose from. Then, on 1996 we started manufacturing our pride, the brand Primax pavers with the most aesthetic designs. Our product is known for its smooth finish and quality with optimum strength and durability. We have our very own designs that are not available with our competitors.

Our clients expanded from Capiz area to Boracay resorts and hotels then later to Negros area Cebu, and in Manila. We have numerous dealers now present in Panay, Negros and Cebu area. We also have direct clients like contractors, real estate developers, hotel and resort developers, Churches, Mall developers, and Commercial establishments.

ZKO Group Distributors, Inc., is a family corporation were majority of the shares owned by spouses Mr. Salvador B. Silva Jr. III acting as the President and General Manager of Complete Logistic Control Inc, a parent company of ZKO,with his wife Mrs.Mina Moein Silva acting as the CEO and Sales and Marketing Manager. We started also investing on trucks to serve our hauling needs and later expanded our business to trucking services, the Complete Logistic Control Inc. Our company sales grew with the expansion of subdivisions, commercial establishments, Malls, hotels and resorts, restaurants-bars and cafe here in the Visayas.

The ZKO Group Distributors, Inc., never rested on its laurels and we have made another mark of success by expanding our business in supply chain division that offers forklift rental operation and warehousing. In this division we have the major client which is Holcim Philippines Inc.

As our weapon to conceive and nurture our services, we have our affiliates that are into forwarding, distributing of goods, software designing, and creating, monitoring and maintaining a safety standard vehicle by means of GPS, preventive maintenance system and fleet management technology. With these, ZKO Group Distributors, Inc is “Ultimate Working Arms” of our customers, adhering to exceptional customer satisfaction. We are passionate to add value, to make difference and to connect people, improving their lives and these state-of-the-art innovations, consequently, will be our weapon to compete in ASEAN Economic Community(AEC).